Plan to attend the Rocking Tree Ranch Bull Sale

Rocking Tree

Wishing our good friends at Rocking Tree Red Angus success at their annual bull sale on March 30th. Here’s a link to help you check out their offerings:


Join our friends at Mt Rushmore Angus on March 25th

Mt Rushmore Angus

We want to wish success to our friends at Mt Rushmore Angus at their sale coming up on March 25th at 1pm at the ranch. Check out the following links to see their offering of bulls this year –


Trask/Peterson Angus Sale March 14th

Peterson Trask Angus

Wishing our good friends at Trask/Peterson Angus success at their annual bull sale. Here’s a couple links to help you check out their offerings:


Good Luck to Kretschman Angus

Kretschman Angus Sale

Our friends at Kretschman Angus will be selling their bulls on March 11th at Buffalo Livestock Auction 1pm, Buffalo WY Here’s the link to their website And the link to their Facebook page


Say Hi to our friends at Gill Red Angus…

Gill Red Angus

When you attend their bull sale on Febr 21st. Check out their sale catalog by going to their website or visit them on Facebook Here’s the link to their sale catalog


We are a Platinum Performance dealer…


And we are committed to giving you the best prices on Platinum products. At DeTye, we use and LOVE Platinum products, both for our horses and humans. Most of you are familiar with the equine products, but are you aware that they have human and canine (dog) products also? Check out what is offered on […]


Don’t forget the Millar Angus bull sale!

Millar Angus

If you have forgotten to plan your Valentine’s date, take your sweetie to our friend’s bull sale…the perfect date day! Millar Angus bulls will sell at 1:30pm at the ranch on Febr 15th check out their offering on their website  or on Facebook


Don’t miss the Amdahl Angus Bull Sale!


Wishing our good friends at Amdahl Angus success tomorrow at their annual bull sale. Here’s a couple links to help you check out their offerings:  


Calving checklist

Calving checklist pic

It’s that time of year again, and we thought it would be helpful to get a calving checklist to you. Enjoy! CalvingChecklist2017Final


Colostrum Promotion

HiCal Bovine IgG

DeTye FAVORITE: HiCal Colostrum Buy 17 – Get 1 free through March 31st Calf’s Choice Total HiCal not only provides calves with the immunity they need, it’s also very high in natural colostral fat, a critical early source of energy and warmth for newborn calves. HiCal is intended for calves needing extra energy. HiCal is […]