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As DeTye Vet Supply enters our 12th year of business, we look back with fondness at our growth and transition to what we are now. We are proud that the customers who put their trust in us that first year are still with us today. We maintain the fact that we are not only an economical source of quality animal health supplies, but also a resource for information on those supplies. Looking toward the future, we would like to renew our commitment to you—our customer—by providing the best prices with the service you deserve.


Thank you,
Tyler & Dee Haugen

Recent ramblings from the DeTye blog...


We’re Back….

I feel a little guilty, as though I should hang my head a bit. We just attended a social media training last week that encouraged us to set up a blog on our website. Well, we already had it set up, so I meekly raised my hand when asked this question and said, “Does it still count if you don’t use it?” So, guess what, we are back. Yahoo!! We have so many different things to tell you about at DeTye that have happened since our last post(seriously, it’s been a year so you can imagine how many new things have transpired, ha). We are pledging now, today, that we will post often to keep you all abreast of our activities. For today however, we just felt like this picture explained things just right. Have a great day.

Fast N Furious Saddle

Lisa Lockhart Question & Answer Forum

You’ve been asking for it, we are going to provide it.  Each week, we get several calls inquiring about the Lisa Lockhart saddle.  The biggest question is, will this saddle fit me and my horse?  Other questions that often arise; what size is the gullet, explain the flex tree, what size should I order, what [...]

It’s Been A While!!

First, I have to apologize about how long it’s been since I took the time to throw my thoughts and opinions out there:)  Now that we have that out of the way, let me catch you up.   The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo was a successful and busy week(we are still not all [...]


Saddle Up And Come A’ Ridin

Make sure you’ve got your boots polished and your hat shaped up for the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo starting this Friday.  Yep, it is already that time of year.  We are busy at the DeTye shop packing everything up in preparation for the annual event.  Like always we are set up in LaCroix [...]

Indian Camp (1 of 1)

Happy Monday

Thought you might all enjoy this pic today.  I took this in Pendleton a couple years ago.  I ask that you enjoy it but please don’t reprint it without first yelling at me.  It is really something to see all the teepee’s set up there.  I think I’m dreaming of “Indian Summer” days today and [...]